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Canadian gun owners across Canada have peace of mind. They have insurance. Join them!

“I use my case to encourage people to take out the policy, being the poster boy for an unjust system, explaining the benefits of having a long overdue policy like this!”

Ian Thomson, Firearms Instructor and Field Officer, Port Colborne, ON

“Every firearm owner in Canada should have this insurance. It’s a real no brainer.”

Kory Teneyche, Ottawa, ON

“I am a gun owner. I am insured! I am thrilled!”

Christy Lovig, lawyer, MBA, JD, Kelowna, BC

“Yours is one of the better ideas we have seen in some time.”

Scott Carpenter, www.internationalshootingsupplies.com, Surrey, BC

“This insurance is indispensable for gun owners.”

Dave Young, www.caps-training.com, Kirkland, QC

“Overzealous enforcement of The Firearms Act has taken justice away from Canadian gun owners and replaced it with a legal system that relies on the process as a primary punishment. There have been countless cases of police laying numerous charges against gun owners for frivolous paper or fictitious crimes which in turn puts the gun owner in a position of defending these spurious charges or pleading guilty and losing their guns and possibly going to prison to serve a mandatory sentence. The protection offered by the Firearms Legal Defense insurance provides immediate advice and representation from attorney’s knowledgeable in the complexities of the Firearms Act and allows us to demand justice instead of bending to the demands of an out-of-control bureaucracy. For the price of a couple of boxes of ammunition you will have expert legal representation as close as your phone.  I was one of the first to buy this policy and I wouldn’t be without it.”

Terry Green, retired, Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC

“You insure shooters when they are caught up in legal proceedings. I forwarded the idea to the Fishers & Shooters Party and they are most enthused at the idea as they now are members in the New South Wales Parliament. Please bring this brilliant scheme here!”

Alfie Frater, Albany, West Australia

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