Charges dropped against wrongfully accused gun owner

November 13, 2015 10:56 pm

COQUITLAM, B.C. — Meet Alexi, a typical Canadian and responsible firearm owner. Alexi owns and operates a small store in British Columbia that sells convenience items, including ammunition.

In June 2015, Alexi’s business was subject to a surprise inspection, and he was subsequently charged under the criminal code with improper storage of one of his personal non-restricted firearms on the property. The allegation was that the trigger lock was not on, and the firearm was stored in an unlocked room. Alexi faced a $5,000 fine and the loss of his firearm license.

Alexi had Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) from Firearm Legal Defence. Alexi was immediately appointed a lawyer who was confident from the outset that they would be able to make a robust defence. The lawyer represented the insured in court on several occasions, and all of the charges were withdrawn. “I signed up for the [Firearm Legal Defence] policy from the minute I saw it. It was a no brainer,” says Alexi.

If Alexi didn’t have a Firearm Legal Defence policy, he would have had to sell his firearms to financially support the case which would have cost approximately $14,000 in legal fees.

Many gun owners aren’t aware of LEI. Your legal costs incurred in defending your legal rights are covered. With a Firearm Legal Defence policy, you can exercise your legal rights when It comes to the use, storage, display, transportation or handling of a firearm. Policy holders have the comfort of knowing that should they be wrongly accused of breaking the law, their legal expenses will be covered and they’ll be guided every step of the way through their proceedings by knowledgeable lawyers, familiar with Canadian gun laws.

Sometimes law-abiding gun owners like Alexi can be wrongfully accused of breaking the law. Governments change, and so do gun laws. Every gun owner should protect themselves with a Firearm Legal Defence policy. Visit for more information about how you can protect yourself, your family and other gun owners.

Alexi was wrongfully accused of breaking gun laws. His charges were dropped and his court costs were covered by his insurance policy from Firearm Legal Defence.

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