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December 7, 2017 2:19 pm

U.S.A.-( This will come as no surprise, but not all rifles are created equal. That fact will never become more evident until you shoot in a competition like 3 gun.

I will not tell anyone they need to buy a “competition gun” to shoot competitively. Whatever 3 guns you have, take them to the next match you can.

You will be hooked on running and gunning. You will also realize your limitations as a shooter and the limits of your guns. Skill ultimately wins the day, but a good rifle can shave seconds off your time. In a competition, those seconds are the difference between first and second place.

Stag Arms is well known for building quality AR-15s and designing AR rifles for right and left-handed shooters. Stag also caters to the specific caveats of shooters with different models like the Stag Tactical or 9mm rifles.

If you are looking for your next AR that has all the bells and whistles required of a competition rifle, I present the Stag 15 3Gun Elite.

Stag 15 3Gun Elite
Stag 15 3Gun Elite

Stag 15 3Gun Elite

My first thought was this would be a lot of gun to shoot unsupported. Fitted with an 18” fluted stainless steel heavy profile barrel, the gun is undeniably heavier than your 16” CMV barrel rifle. Without a scope, or mag the gun weighs about 7 ½ lbs, this is not at all a lightweight build.

With that said, the weight became less noticeable within a few hundred rounds of shooting. Now my old AR feels like a feather, and the Stag feels like a normal rifle’s weight. Stag has also gone the extra step of fluting the barrel, shaving a few ounces of weight off the barrel.

Obviously, the benefit of a longer barrel is better velocities that contribute to better accuracy, especially when pushing the limits on a 55gr .223 round.

During my last competition at Peacemaker National Training Center, there were two stages that had rifle targets at longer ranges, between 100 yards and 500 yards. Shooting off of a “tank barricade” I was able to hit my target at 500 yards with one shot.

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