Hunter forced to defend her lifestyle after receiving death threats

December 7, 2017 2:04 pm

By Alexandra Deabler

A woman in Texas has built a following on social media for her hunting prowess — but it hasn’t always been positive.

Nikki Tate, a lawyer in Dallas, has amassed over 11,000 followers on her Instagram with pictures of herself and her hunting dogs posing with carcasses of deer, hogs and waterfowl.

The 27-year-old attorney started hunting “about 10 years ago” at her uncle’s ranch in South Texas, The Daily Mail reports.

 “It was then when I shot a bow for the first time. I loved the challenge, and given my athletic history and competitive personality, I instantly became addicted,” she said, The Daily Mail reported.

Her addiction started with bucks and then moved on to waterfowl.

“Ever since that moment, I have been hooked. I’ve hunted several animals, but my favorite by far is waterfowl,” Tate said.

“I was always told to stay away from waterfowl hunting or else I would never go back to hunting anything else. Well, they were right,” she added.

Tate uses her social media presence to show her kills, as well as share tricks of the trade and endorse products that she uses on her own hunts – and, perhaps most importantly, explain the reasons behind her hunting lifestyle, which some have taken issue with as being controversial.

“We eat everything we kill, unless we are hunting predators,” Tate said. “My husband and I skin everything ourselves, and if we can’t eat everything, we donate it to organizations that are aimed at feeding the homeless.”

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