Beretta Celebrates 494th Anniversary

October 28, 2020 9:51 am

by Guy J. Sagi

Beretta celebrated its 494th anniversary as a firearm manufacturer this month—on Oct. 3 to be precise—which makes Beretta the company with the longest history of continuous operations in the world. The firm’s ability to adapt, survive and thrive through nearly five centuries is an achievement unrivaled by any other and an inspirational one as the Covid-19 pandemic enters a fatiguing 11th month.

“Beretta has been continuously reinventing itself for nearly 500 years, and that is how, generation after generation, we create the market-changing products,” Francesco Valente, general manager and COO of Beretta USA, said. “We are a stable company, focusing on the long-term and we think in terms of decades, not quarters—that is why we can invest so much in research and development and invest in environmental conservation to preserve the future of our planet. From our founding through today, we have kept a relentless commitment to innovation.”

The approach has paid big dividends, including the development of the Beretta 92, which served as the official sidearm of U.S. Armed Forces as the M9 for more than 35 years. The company’s shotguns have claimed medals through five decades of Olympic competition and countless other matches across the globe.


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