Gun owner has false charges dropped

October 14, 2016 10:22 pm

James is a licensed firearms instructor.

A disgruntled co-worker at his full-time job made false allegations regarding James to the RCMP. Relying on those allegations, the RCMP searched James’ house, seized his guns, and suspended his firearm licence.

“It was very mentally demoralizing, I was very stressed,” said James.

Luckily, James had Firearm Legal Defence. After a quick call, he had an open claim and a lawyer assigned to his case. The lawyer was able to convince the court that the allegations made by James’ co-worker were false and the investigation was not properly conducted. The court ordered a new investigation which found no basis for charges against James. James’ firearm licence was rein­stated and his guns were returned. If James didn’t have a Firearm Legal Defence policy he would be facing approxi­mately $15,000 in legal fees.

“After I opened my claim, I was contacted by Firearm Legal Defence, and after that, everything went smoothly. I didn’t have to worry at all. If this can happen to me, a firearms instructor, it can happen to anybody.”

Note: Policyholder name has been changed to protect privacy