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Do you use a firearm on the job? Firearm Legal Defence coverage is now available as a workplace extension for your new policy or renewal. Now you can protect yourself at work the same as for personal use. At home or at work, Firearm Legal Defence has your back!

New and improved coverage! Higher limits! All for no additional cost!

The following new coverages and higher limits have been automatically added to current and new Firearm Legal Defence policies:

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Personal Injury

If you're injured by someone else using a firearm or bow, we'll provide you access to a lawyer and cover legal costs.

Extension to Bows

Your coverage now extends to bows, including crossbows, recurve, compound and longbows.


Your new limit is $250,000 per claim and $1,000,000 per year!

That's an increase of $100,000 per claim, plus your annual limit has doubled!


We're also introducing some new options that can be added to your policy at renewal. Many of our clients have been asking for these and we've heard you!

Firearm Legal Defence Plus ($195/year total)

Increase your per-claim limit to $1,000,000.

Family Coverage (+$40/year)

Extend your coverage to your spouse and all dependent children living at home under the age of 25 (all participating family members must have their PAL). This is not a per-person amount. $40 covers everyone in your family!

Workplace Extension (Regular +$75/year, PLUS +$120/year)

Protect yourself at work the same as for personal use.

Key Benefits

  • We provide a qualified lawyer

  • We pay your legal fees

  • We pay costs awarded to opponent

  • We pay time off work for court appearances.

  • We pay court costs

  • Free Legal Advice Helpline

  • Personal, family and work coverage

  • No deductible

  • No retainer

  • Peace of mind for just $95 a year!

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In the News

Firearm Legal Defence insurance is available only in Canada, and only to holders of a valid Canadian firearms licence. Note that you are not required to disclose any information about firearms in your possession.

We've got you covered! Up to $250,000 per claim, $1,00,000 per year Lost wages to $500 per day, $10,000 per year